2023 T1 CON Online Concert Ticket

- IOS App users can purchase the tickets at PC / Mobile Web LINK page( - Before purchasing an online ticket, please read the following information. - You can check out your purchase history at My item info. - The performance will be held simultaneously, online and offline. If you're interested in joining the offline concert in Korea, you can purchase the ticket through a separate ticket site.

  • - This performance will be broadcasted exclusively on AfreecaTV.
  • - The rating is <PG 7+>.
  • - The performance will last for at least 330 minutes. However, the time required may be adjusted due to stage conditions or external factors.
  • - No physical tickets will be given to those with online tickets.
  • - If multiple devices access the same AfreecaTV account (ID) at the same time, the access will be blocked on the previously logged-in device. We recommend you to watch on one device only.
  • - For a smooth watching experience, please connect to an Internet environment that offers speeds above 20Mbps. When using a public network, delays can occur at speeds above 20 Mbps.
  • - Watching in a 3G/LTE environment can increase data usage. Watching in a 3G/LTE environment may cause poor viewing quality due to a weak or unstable connection. AfreecaTV will not be responsible for the above factors.
  • - External factors or technical problems can affect the watching environment. Please check in advance before purchasing the ticket.
System Requirements
  • - PC OS, Win10+ / MAC 11+
  • - PC Browser, Chrome23+ / Win8+IE / Edge12+ / Safari8+ / Win7 IE(Unsupported) Other browsers may be unstable.
  • - Mobile OS, Android (6+) / iOS (12+)
  • - Mobile App Version, Ver: 5.21+
  • - Unsupported platforms for AfreecaTV, PC App Player / Older version of downloaded PC player / AfreecaTV VR /Android TV / Samsung Smart TV / LG Smart TV / Olleh TV
  • - You can only purchase one ticket per account (ID).
  • - Online tickets are non-refundable for the cause of change of heart after purchase. Please choose carefully when purchasing.
  • - After the live show starts, you cannot request a refund even if you haven't watched it.
  • - Refund is unavailable for deterioration, loss, buffering, etc. of viewing PC and mobile due to the Internet environment situation of the user (purchaser).
VOD Replay
  • - VOD replay is not provided for this performance.
Legal Notice
  • - Recording of video and audio contents and screen capturing during the performance is prohibited. Unauthorized copying, distribution, and sale of the content without the consent of the copyright owner is a violation of copyright. Illegal uploaded/recorded content will be reported directly to AfreecaTV and legal actions will be taken.
Solve Problem
  • - If the page does not work after refreshing, please contact our help center.
  • - Please make sure that you are logged in to the AfreecaTV account in which you purchased the ticket.
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